Step Away to Step Up

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I’ve been working on what appeared at first glance to be a fairly simple article… but it’s taken most of the day and it’s still not finished. Sure, there was a little bit of Netflix and a little bit of cooking in the middle of the project, but a lot of the day has consisted of me behind my laptop. This is a little unusual, especially for a Sunday. I think it may be time to step away from it for a bit.

Does that ever happen to you? Maybe you underestimate the scope of a project and start working on it thinking it will be done in an hour or two, but four hours later you’re still at it? It’s sometimes hard for me to take a break at that point. I just want to push a little harder to get it DONE. But the term ‘hamster on a wheel’ comes to mind. From personal experience and the experiences of people who influence me, I know sometimes the best option is to step away. Stepping away often lets us look at the whole picture more clearly than if we’re laser-focused on just one part of the picture.

It’s the weird purgatory time of year when we’re between Christmas and New Year’s and half of us are wandering around like zombies not knowing what the hell day it is. It’s been extra-rainy and gloomy around here, and that just makes me want to eat and sleep like a primal human in hibernation. But I want to finish 2018 on a good note, damn it, not a defeated one. And so I shall continue my efforts to be productive and not (entirely) succumb to my slothful urges.

Here is to stepping away in order to step up. I hope your 2018 is finished on a determined note and your 2019 starts with hope and inspiration.




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