In Which a Major Win is Accomplished

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Something awesome happened this past week.

This Friday, after a really encouraging, lit-a-fire-under-me-arse coaching call, I managed to accomplish a MAJOR goal. This has been a goal ever since deciding in late July that I wanted to become a freelance writer and enrolled in The Freelance Writing School.

In the spirit of confession (which, let’s be frank, is a large component of this blog), I will tell you I dropped the ball for the majority of the week leading up to this goal. I allowed the holiday Monday to throw me off and spent less time moving my freelance writing business forward than I should have. Not a single goal was set in my trusty goals-and-wins notebook, so guess what?

No goals set = no goals accomplished.

What a valuable lesson to learn. I’m so grateful it came early in the game. There’s no time like the present!

Side note: Saturday I went to see Christopher Robin, and one of my favorite scenes is when Pooh and Christopher are sitting side by side on a log at the top of a hill in the Hundred Acre Wood. They’re looking out over the view, and Pooh asks, “What day is it?” Christopher answers, “It’s today.” And Pooh says, “My favorite day.” I just need to express my LOVE for that mindset! I’ve been All. About. Mindset since deciding to become a freelance writer. That includes conquering my own mindset AND learning to implement other ways of thinking. So, just had to share that quote as my own words can never compare to the tao wisdom of Winnie the Pooh.

So, enough suspense about this major win- let’s get to the good part:

I sent my first pitch!

And the way it came about is kind of a funny story.

After the motivating coaching session Friday, I had some errands to run that took me to a couple local shops. At each of their checkout counters, I noticed a stack of heavily-worded handouts in black print on a plain piece of white paper.

I could tell it was some kind of promotional material and honestly, I avoided looking at it because 1- it looked really boring, and 2- I was afraid it would take five minutes to read through the verbiage completely. But since a shop owner tucked one into my hand, I didn’t want to seem rude and quickly scanned over it.

Something about a collaborative event between all the small businesses in the area – one was celebrating a move to the area AND a business milestone. The handout went on to name the participating businesses and listed the date of the event.


Cut to sitting in my home office, later on, ready to get started with my next writing goal:  send a minimum of 3 pitches AND make money before the next weekly coaching call. It was a holy crap moment: a moment that makes your eyes widen with what feels like the scary enormity of such a challenge, mixed with an equal measure of excitement that such a thing could be possible.

But how to do it? How, how, how…

Suddenly, the eureka moment clicked in my head. Jen Sincero’s words echoed, repeating that clues are around us all the time, while my mind’s eye saw that boring promo flyer in my trash can.

I yelled, “CLUES!” and ran down the hall to fish the flyer out of the garbage.

The fellas’ ears perked up immediately, following close behind my mad dash, completely confused.  “Clues, y’all!” I repeated. Nothing. “Nevermind.”

Thanks to my daily practice with Canva, I was able to:

  • Quickly redesign the event flyer with pretty graphics

  • Significantly reduce the verbiage

  • Highlight the main points that were previously lost in said verbiage

Through some simple googling, I tracked down their business e-mail and threw together my pitch. I explained that I am a freelance content writer who helps businesses grow and manage their online presence, how I found out about their event and gave them the flyer I made especially for them.

It was that simple. And that hard.

Can you imagine if I had missed the clues? I wouldn’t be writing this post. I wouldn’t have sent my first pitch, and I would likely be creeping towards Panic Mode as my window for finding paid work in a week narrowed.

The universe would bemoan, ‘I LITERALLY SPELLED IT ON PAPER FOR YOU AND PUT IT IN YOUR HAND…. What more do you need?’ Far be it from me to cause the universe a major facepalm.

As for what’s next, it can take scores of emails pitching one’s services before finding a prospect who is ready to hire you. Most of the time they won’t even reply, or the pitch could end up in their spam box for all anyone knows. So, to expect any significant result from one single pitch e-mail would logically just breed disappointment.

Surprise: the same day I reached out, I received a positive e-mail response!

The email response from my potential future client was so complimentary and appreciative that the excitement already flying around over here was like, tripled. They don’t currently need further promotional materials for this event, but they loved my design work and appreciated my effort, and will keep me in mind for their next event.

All I do is win, win, win, no matter what.

In the retelling, it gets me excited all over again! I got to break in the Google calendar to set up a reminder to follow up with them in a month and remind them I’m here and ready to help.

And last night, I sent another pitch.

There’s some momentum going on here, wouldn’t you say? Can’t wait to find out where it goes!



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  1. Kacey!! I’m so excited for you! I loved reading about your amazing win — and the fact you kept the momentum going by submitting another pitch. That’s awesome!! I love how you thought outside the box to find prospects to pitch. And I love, love how you incorporated the Pooh mindset into your post. So excited for you! Congratulations!!

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