It’s Not About Pancakes


What comes to mind when you imagine a life that includes running your own home-based business?

Oh, no you di-int just say, “pajamas and pancakes on weekdays”.

Believe you me, I’m as big a fan of pancakes as the next foodie, so it’s nothing personal.

But as a former homeschool student, take this hard lesson from my personal experience.

It is all too easy to let things slide when nobody is watching.

What you’re doing when nobody else is managing you is what makes the difference.

The success of my freelance writing business is going to be up to me and only me:

  • When I get my first client?
  • Whether I cultivate and maintain a high-level network?
  • How flexible and willing I am to learn new skills?
  • What types of clients and projects I take on?
  • From whom I receive counsel and inspiration?

All of the above: All Up To Me.

To pull another real-life example from the bag: it’s not a particular fondness for 4 am that gets me out of bed to exercise before work every day.

Not even a little bit.

But five days a week, can ya guess whose half-awake butt is in their home gym, getting motivated and getting moving with an amazing Spotify playlist?

MINE (so is the playlist – it rules).

But in all seriousness – self-discipline ain’t no joke.

Much like Kelly Kapoor, my imaginary bestie, running your own shit might not always be easy to manage.

When you decide to become a business owner, you have to get real about what you’re getting into.

Just for the record, I have no dreamy rainbows-and-butterflies expectation of how fluffy  running a freelance writing business will be.

This realm is gonna be fluff-free.

Except for my fellas. Their fluff is always most welcome.




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  1. I’m a huge Office fan! And, no, it’s definitely not all pancakes and pajamas – that’s for dang sure. As for Spotify, my daughter and I take turns with song selections when we’re in the car. One of our go-to songs is Mr. Blue Sky by ELO (made famous by Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy). I heard the song was specifically engineered to make people happy — and it does!

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